Dog Opportunity Grants and Support

About Us

About Us

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What is DOGS

Dog Opportunity Grants and Support (DOGS) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide grants to qualified individuals who have experienced trauma or who may be living with disabling conditions. These grants are intended to enable these individuals to participate in a variety of approved programs including:

  • Participatory training of their service and assistance dogs.
  • Tuition assistance for approved, life- and job-skills programs that incorporate dogs.

DOGS also seeks opportunities to sponsor, advance, encourage and promote charitable activities that support these individuals.

Our Vision

It is our goal to contribute to a network of support for folks pursuing independence and improved quality-of-life by creating dog-related programs and opportunities.

Our Values


We will be above-board and honest in all we do.


We will exhibit respect for each other and for those we serve, as well as for the animals involved.


We will be financially accountable to our donors and personally accountable to each other and to those we serve.


We will use good judgement and sound practices to carry out the activities of our business, taking ownership of our decisions and work.