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DOGS NFP, Inc. Names Quansa Kennels, Inc. First Approved Service-Dog Training Provider

By on Feb 2, 2016 in Approved Training Facilities |

Press-release-photo-ServiceOn January 21, 2016 the DOGS organization recognized Quansa Kennels, Inc. as its first approved provider of participatory service-dog training in the Midwest.

“Quansa has a long and distinguished history of providing service dogs and service-dog training programs that directly involve the dog’s eventual owner in the training regimen,” said Pat Muller, owner and principal trainer of Quansa Kennels, Inc.

“In many instances the trauma our recipients have experienced is the result of an unexpected or even catastrophic loss of trust. Quansa helps build and restore trusting relationships through a time-tested program of inclusionary training wherein the recipients fully participate in the process of their dogs’ specialized service training.

The Quansa concept of developing a service dog relies heavily on the development of the relationship between the dog and the person the dog will serve. Quansa’s unique, participatory methods permit the recipients and their dogs to learn and grow together, thus creating a remarkably deep and robust bond.

We are very happy to be recognized by the DOGS organization as their first approved training provider and we look forward to introducing our special brand of participatory service training to those who wish to begin the journey.”

The DOGS Organization

DOGS is a non-profit corporation that provides grants to qualified individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives. The grants are designed to offset the training costs of a service dog and can be applied for online at or by picking up an application from our approved training providers.

According to Jon Nelson, president of the DOGS group, “Quansa represents exactly the kind of training we want to support and we are very happy to designate them as our first approved service-dog training provider. We are hopeful that together we can have a very positive impact on the lives of some very deserving people.”

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